The major activities of organization are as below:-
1- To run the special school for the hearing impaired children from primary to upper primary
2- Running pre-primary education programme for young hearing impaired children
3- Providing secondary education to hearing impaired children
4- Developing the speech and language of the children with hearing impairment
5- As per need we support to children individually for their skill development
6- Conducting a special auditory training for their residual hearing development
7- Making ear mould for fitting of hearing aid
8- Guide to parents for the development of their children and facilities available for the disabled    person by the Government
9- Placement for education, job, and marriage also
10- The school also provide the vocational training such as in wood craft, tailoring ,drawing trades along with their education
11- The school is helping to parents and their hearing impaired child to get the disability certificate and free hearing aid by the concern authority
12- Outdoor and indoor games is conducting for the children to develop their personality, physical, mental, leadership and self confidence etc.
13- Providing the scholarship and transportation amount to the beneficiaries as per policy of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Govt. of India ,New Delhi
14- Conducting cultural , game and sports ,CBR and public awareness programme
15- To encourage and repaying to the children to participate in various competition conducting by school and others agencies
16- Organizing teacher parents meeting for development of hearing impaired children
17- We are also developing the computer skills in hearing impaired children at secondary level

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