We feel that the school is involve in education of the hearing impaired children from a long time since establishment 1929 . Since the time and at present following achievement has been obtained by the school such as –
1- Thousands of hearing impaired person has been received education. The many of the skill they have been developed along with their education such as listening, speaking , communication, reading and writing , personality ,behavior, self confidence and others aims and objective of education
2- The most of the passed out students of the school have been employed or self employed
in Government/Private Sectors
3- Many of the children at the primary and pre-primary level have been integrated in general school by developing their skills
4- Not only of State of U.P. but from M.P. ,Bihar , Jhorkhand States hearing impaired children are getting the residential facilities along with their education
5- The school management ,teachers, children are always participate /support in any programme which are conducting by the Government authority or other agencies in the programme for disabled
6- The school is creating a good environment for better rehabilitation of hearing impaired person by the keeping goal of equal opportunity ,full participant and protection of right of the children
7- It is a historical school of North India which is well known by the person, public, social agencies and Government sectors. The school is also popular in other part of the State/Country including Uttar Pradesh

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